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Best Ways To Cope...

Posted by shadowlight_etc on 2007.05.29 at 18:09
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Ok, how do I deal with Jo? She's been having lots of bad days lately, and it's really hard to cope with. I'm getting close to breaking down...

Kym xx

The Band

Stock Photography Sites

Posted by shadowlight_etc on 2007.05.04 at 22:41
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Does anyone know any good ones? We're struggling to find images now, and there are a lot of Etc people still without pics.

We could really do with a site that has a lot of guy photos, because the majority of our userpics are girls apart from the default ones.

Mike L


Another Singles Ad...

Posted by rozanya on 2007.04.22 at 21:59
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Well, having filled out the criteria via text, I figured I'd bring it onto here.

Name: Tessa Fielder
Age: 22
Appearance: smallish with brown hair and eyes
Looking for: a guy aged 20-28
Preferences: someone who'll see this as more than just a fling...

But yeah. Here's hoping I'll find someone.



New Journal... again

Posted by mums_etc on 2007.04.22 at 12:20
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In case you hadn't already found us, we've got a new journal. You might need to prod us as a reminder to friend you though.. we've got really bad memories (especially Catherinne XD).



Posted by cactus_guys on 2007.04.21 at 21:18
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Just on the offchance there are any single teenage girls/guys over there, I'm Mike. I'm 14, brown hair, brown eyes. Much messier than it used to be. Like to think of myself as a nice guy, even though I'm probably not. Looking for someone 13+, preferably not too loud or with too high standards, else I'll completely disappoint you. Looks not essential. Humans preferred. :) No qualms if you're not human/don't look that human, as long as you're not a 6 legged android with green hair. Good sense of humour essential, else you won't be able to appreciate my bad jokes :P

Anyone interested?


Well, they pestered me enough

Posted by rozanya on 2007.04.21 at 21:09
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*sigh* They're making me do a singles ad. I never thought I'd find myself doing this, but oh well.

Name: Meygan Hunter
Age: 20
Appearance: See my pic :)
Looking for: A guy aged 20-25
Preferences: none really. Intelligence is a plus though. And no Nathan-style guys please.



Another Split

Posted by shadowlight_etc on 2007.04.09 at 16:09
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Current Music: Rehab - Amy Winehouse (sorry Raquel...)
Just to say we've split off from the main journal. :-)

So, the four journals of ours - rozanyaetcetera_minis shadowlight_etc



Finally, A List!

Posted by rozanya on 2007.04.08 at 16:05
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My hours of trawling the database have paid off.

list of all us random people :)Collapse )

Sorry if I missed anyone off... I'll come back and edit once we have surnames and stuff.

Ranna xx

Posted by cactus_guys on 2007.04.04 at 19:46
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Poll #960388 http://quizilla.com/users/thecactussystem/quizzes/Which%20Multiple%20Are%20You%3F/

Who did you come out as?


Most people seem to have come out as me, so I was just wondering what everyone came out as. The 'one vote per journal' thing really sucks, so if you like, comment and say what you got. Please? :)

Posted by etcetera_minis on 2007.03.31 at 22:24
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Just thought I'd mention the new peoples.

Mark - 19, brown messy hair, possibly connected to Tash.
Jo - 20, singer from Liverpool (Kerin's going to love that.)

Meh. Helen's been driving me mad going on about Kyle. Can we please have some duct tape for her?


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